Founded in 1993, Stansfield College is a long standing private higher education institution and a trusted provider of the University of London international programmes in Singapore. Its philosophy of recruiting only highly qualified and dedicated faculty, its unique learning system with a focus on small class size provide its students with unrivalled learning opportunities.

Over the years the College has continued to build on its strengths and today, its mission is a simple one – ‘to make learning enjoyable’.

The College’s Founder and a number of its faculty hold University of London degrees as well as qualifications from overseas universities and each believe in the importance of students enjoying the learning experience. The Stansfield team is dedicated towards the purpose of its mission and trust that students get more out of education if one truly enjoys the process. Students are encouraged to strive for a simple goal – enjoy learning, enjoy life!

This simple focus and dedication to educational excellence has resulted in its ability to produce many top students constantly over the years, including First Class Honours graduates, scholarship recipients and academic excellence award winners.

The College was awarded the prestigious 4-year Edutrust certification by the Council for Private Education, Singapore in 2010. Its past recognitions include receiving the coveted Enterprise 50 award from 2002 to 2006 in recognition of its enterprising spirit and the Singapore Quality Class for PEOs in 2003.

Stansfield College offers undergraduate degrees and diplomas in a range of academic disciplines which includes Law, the EMFSS suite of programmes with specialisations in Economics, Management, Finance and the Social Sciences. The college is also the only University of London provider in the region to offer humanities related programmes.

In addition, the College has also expanded its range of programmes to include several foundation programmes including Certificate and Diploma programmes that allow students to progress academically and eventually attain admission into their preferred choice of degree studies. This we hope will make University degree programmes available to all who want to further their education.

The programmes at Stansfield are taught by a team of full-time and adjunct faculty, a number of whom have been with the College as effective lecturers for many years. Stansfield faculty members are carefully screened and selected on the basis of a shared commitment to its mission and core values and prospective students are invited to visit the campus to meet with the faculty for advice and guidance on the programmes.

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