Managing Director’s Message


Cenobia Majella

Managing Director

Dear Student,

Welcome to Stansfield College-an established Law and Business College with over 20 years of pioneering experience in preparing students for the University of London International Programmes in Singapore and the region.

We are proud of our academic track record in producing First Class Honours students consistently and hope you will be inspired by the success stories of some of our top graduates who are recipients of prestigious scholarships and academic achievement awards from London School of Economics and other reputable universities.

We offer students a unique approach to learning through our 24/8 Learning System: keeping our full-time class sizes small to encourage a participate and interactive study environment. Our evening programmes are comprehensive and structured for the working adult.

In line with our ‘Mission to Make Learning Enjoyable’, you will find that our course delivery extends beyond the classroom with experiential learning, peer group discussions, debates and presentations. Our faculty focus on simplifying the learning experience. They will take you through a rigorous curriculum that promises to challenge you to think critically, adapt and interpret your findings and views effectively. These are life-long skills which will hold value in your personal and professional life.

You will find our campus located in the heart of the business district, vibrant with activities and our student body, truly international, offering you an opportunity to not only learn and grow but also to network and make new friends.

Together we will work towards your success on the programme.

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