Our Vision & Mission

To be the Premium Education Provider

Make Learning Enjoyable

Core Values

Our 5 ‘S’ Core Values are the guiding principles of our organisation’s culture including what guides our priorities and actions within the organisation. Our Values form an integral component of our strategic plan and drives the intent and direction of our organisation’s leadership. It also reminds us of our influence amongst the people that we interact with and work with, ideas and the community at large.

Serve Others
We believe in serving others with respect and pride. The first core value reflects the purpose of our existence as an organisation to serve not ourselves but others. Believing in this purpose will guide and sustain our long term journey in achieving our goals and objectives. We create a culture of service throughout our organisation that acts as a unifying force and provides unparalleled satisfaction for those who serve.
We believe in our ability to create value for others, and this requires personal mastery of what we do. Our knowledge, skills, desires and attitude all play a part towards our personal effectiveness which in turn results in a combined effort in our strive for excellence as an organisation in whatever we do, to better serve others.
We believe that to serve others, we must be prepared to make personal sacrifices where required. Self sacrifice results in excellence especially since we absolutely believe in our cause and stretch ourselves to put the organisation, the people we serve and the world we live in before ourselves.
We encourage constant self-reflection on responsibilities and accountability in our work so as to keep ourselves aligned with the goals and objectives of the organisation. Self-reflection enables us as an organisation to keep ourselves agile and adaptable to change.
We believe in the importance of self-correction as an effective tool in our efforts and processes to accomplish our organisational goals. Self-reflection enables us to maintain professional standards in our work and our personal relationships. We value feedback as a process of self-reflection and self-correction which enables continuous improvement within each of us as an individual and the organisation as a whole.
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