Medical Insurance

Stansfield College has put in place Medical Insurance under which all its students will be insured by Group Hospital & Surgical through Liberty Insurance. The Group Hospital and Surgical Insurance is an expense reimbursement plan with a limit up to $20,000.00 per year. It will help to reduce the financial burden of the insured student in the event that he/she needs to be hospitalised government/restructured Hospitals. The premium payable for the entire duration course is indicated in the fee schedule of the student contract.

Singaporean/PR and non-student pass international students who are already covered by their own medical insurance plan (with an annual limit not less than S$20,000) may be exempted from the plan provided by Stansfield College. Students signing a new PEI-Student contract can opt out from the medical insurance coverage by indicating in the contract and providing a copy of their medical insurance policy during admissions.

CPE has mandated that students who opt out must produce their medical insurance policy for verification by the PEI. Stansfield College will only exempt students who submit a copy of their medical insurance policy for opting out at the enrolment stage.

Medical Insurance Certificate
Insurance Product Summary & Frequently Asked Questions
Group Hospital and Surgical Claim Form

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