Authorised Agents

Welcome to Stansfield College

Stansfield College is welcoming all education agents to join us to recruit international students. If you share our vision and mission statement, please do not hesitate to write in to us.

In order to be an authorised representative of Stansfield College and to formally introduce students, your organisation will be required to furnish us the details as per the application form. Further, you will be subjected to strict governance which is contained in our code of conduct.

Happyhome Ukak Pte Ltd
Mr Park Chan Sung Contract start date: 18 April 2013
sgwendy@hotmail.comContract end date : 17 April 2014
Int'l Edu Organizer
Ms Pauline Keisa HengContract start date: 18 April 2013
keisa.degconess@gmail.comContract end date : 17 April 2014
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