Accounting & Finance (BSc)

The BSc Accounting & Finance offers a solid grounding of the subject beyond the basic principles and practice of accounting & finance such as accounting techniques and computation skills. It develops the ability to critically evaluate their usefulness in different contexts and perspectives, including the international dimension.

This degree is recommended if…

  • You wish to go on to take professional accountancy qualifications.
  • You are professionally qualified in the accountancy field and would now like to take a degree.
  • You have not yet decided which profession to pursue and are interested in the fields of accounting and finance.

What are my career options?

An accounting degree in itself is a general qualification which opens up different opportunities for careers in professional accountancy, investment banking, investment analysis and management, management consultancy and financial management. This degree is also recommended for those who wish to pursue professional accounting qualifications after graduation.

Programme Structure

The degree consists of 12 courses when taken through the Standard Route and 9 courses through the Graduate Entry Route.

Normal Entry

Graduate Entry

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