Study Skills Support

At Stansfield, students enrolled for the University of London programmes benefit from academic support outside of the lectures such as personalised assisted learning where students are required to design their own study plan for the academic year. During these sessions students may also arrange for personal consultations with our full-time lecturers for academic guidance. The discussion and study groups also form a useful avenue for students to experience peer to peer teaching and learning. Additionally, students also have access to the following resources and support relevant to their programme.

Personalised Assisted Learning

The PAL Learning System allows all students to have a one-to-one consultation with the lecturers to ensure they fully understood the learning outcomes. The one-to-one coaching encourages students who are not vocal during their time in the classroom to be able to voice out their views and ask questions. We find the system absolutely useful to anyone who wants to reinforce their views on what they have learned or failed to learn in the actual lectures.


Unique to Stansfield College, StudyWiz is the College’s on-line learning web portal where course materials and all other relevant information and circulars are posted. Students may access the following on the web portal.

  • Course Information sheets
  • Lesson plans and course notes
  • Lecture slides
  • Reading materials
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes & short tests
  • Videos of lectures
  • Students e-profile
  • Student blogs
  • E-mails
  • Official circulars and updates
  • Newsletters
  • Student handbook
  • International student handbook

Induction and Revision Programme

The induction is conducted to familiarise students with the subjects at the beginning of the programme and revision of the subjects are done before the examinations each year. Students also have the option to attend study weekends whenever held to reinforce normal class lessons or to discuss areas of interests with subject specialists and to receive guidance on examination preparation and answering technique.

Course Materials

All students enrolled on to a University of London programme will receive the course materials relevant to their programme. Please note that the application and registration procedures with the University must be completed before the above can be issued. Certain materials are issued on a term or lesson basis.

  • Study packs including subject guides and key readings
  • Strategies for Success
  • Student handbook
  • Past exam papers and Examiners reports
  • Course regulations
  • Studying English law with the University of London
  • Textbooks
    IOLIS CD – ROM (includes full text of over 2000 cases, statutes and articles)
  • Laws study skills guide
  • Recent developments in law booklets

Online Course Resources

The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) from the University provides a centralized location for accessing many resources. It hosts subject pages provided by academics, subject guides, discussion forums and facilities for you to set up your own profile page. The course exercises offer a tester so that you can try out the type of skills that you will be expected to develop as you work through your chosen course of study.

They are designed to build and enhance your ability to find course materials using electronic sources and to conduct research generally. The student to Student Network enables you to exchange ideas with other students worldwide and benefit from mutual support. You will also have access to new items, Examiners reports and past exam papers, student handbook, subject guides, Regulations and reading lists.

The VLE gives access to, JSTOR, AB/INFORM, Academic Search Premier and Business Source Premier. In Addition, law students will also access to: Lexis Nexis Professional, Westlaw, Casetrack and UK Statue Law database.

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