Pastoral Care & Counselling

Counselling Programme Flow Chart
Welcome to the Stansfield College Student Counseling Service (SCS). Services and programmes of the SCS are primarily focused towards helping our students achieve as much success as possible while at Stansfield College. The SCS provides short-term counselling and crisis intervention services to as many students as possible within the limits of our resources. SCS counselling staff incorporate into practice awareness, respect, and valuing of cultural differences. The SCS is supported by an in-house counsellor who provides professional and confidential counselling support at no additional charge within the privacy of our counselling room. Where required, the counsellor may refer students to professional counselling services provided by government bodies, professional associations or registered non-government organisations.

Pre Admission Counselling
Career Counselling and Testing Services
Crisis Intervention
Students with Special Needs
Personal Counselling
Support for Academic Success Strategies
Psychiatric Services
Self-Help, Outreach, and Consultation
Stress Management & Biofeedback Training
Testing Services
Want to talk to a counsellor?
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